What are the main benefits of Lead Call Back for my customers?

1. Improve customer experience.

2. Get back to prospects and customers immediately.

3. Continue the conversion after prospect has left your website.

4. Increase the conversion rate on your website.

5. Monitor staff and business performance. Calls can be recorded to monitor how the staff is handling customers.

What happens when someone schedules a call through the widget?

The software will send out an email and text message to your business and visitor with the scheduled call information. At the scheduled time the system will automatically call the business and connect the visitor. If the business doesn’t answer the system will automatically retry multiple times and send another message if they are not connected.

Does the system do two-way text messaging?

Yes! With our simple dashboard you can send, receive, and manage text message conversations from your office computer. Or engage them anywhere with our WebTextChat mobile App.

What happens if the business doesn’t answer when a visitor requests a call?

The system will automatically retry up to 5 times (You set the number of retries). If the connection is not made, the system sends out an email and text message to both the business and website visitor.

How does Lead Call Back compare to a Chat widget?

Chat widgets are mainly utilized for  customer service questions and the conversation ends when the visitor leaves.

When was the last time you bought something over chat?

Our software allows you to continue the conversation via calls or texts.  The ability to engage the website visitor long after they leave is a huge advantage over a chat widget.

How are calls counted against the business?

A call is counted when there is a successful connection between a website visitor and your business that lasts over 5 seconds, but less than 10 minutes. Each 10 minute time period is counted as one credit.